Solo Mathews – Author

Solo Mathews


Solo Mathews is an artificial intelligence researcher, author and founder of the popular blog AiPortalX. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford where he focused early research on natural language processing and chatbot development over 15 years ago.

After leading AI innovation at several prominent tech companies, Solo founded the non-profit Open AI Institute to conduct interdisciplinary studies into ensuring safe and ethical emergence of artificial intelligence alongside advising policy groups on needed regulations. His proposals have been featured by publications like Wired and MIT Tech Review.

A sought after AI commentator, Solo has given 3 TED Talks on AI safety which hold over 2 million views collectively. He is also a frequent expert voice on programs like Newsnight and Marketplace Tech clarifying AI capabilities and limitations for the public. AiPortalX, Solo’s blog demystifying AI science, trends and implications, boasts over 200 university affiliations and 1 million monthly visitors after nearly 6 years since founding it during his doctoral research days.

Guiding AiPortalX with a small team, Solo strives to lucidly communicate both the incredible innovations and responsible development needs surrounding artificial intelligence. His long career research contributions and steadfast commitment to transparent AI dialogue makes Solo a respected leader educating society on the understanding necessary to steer the benefits of AI progress.

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