Best FREE ElevenLabs Alternatives & Open-Source TTS

Best FREE ElevenLabs Alternatives & Open-Source TTS

ElevenLabs is a popular AI voice generator, but it can come with a hefty price tag. However, there are several free alternatives and open-source text-to-speech (TTS) solutions available that offer high-quality voice synthesis for your projects. In this article, I will explore the best free ElevenLabs alternatives and open-source TTS options that you can consider.

Key Takeaways:

  • Coqui TTS is a powerful open-source TTS solution that supports multiple languages and offers advanced customization options.
  • Bark by is a versatile voice generator with over 100 voice presets and support for creating singing voices.
  • Playground provides a comprehensive platform with a vast library of AI voices in various languages and accents.
  • Tortoise TTS offers high fidelity voice cloning capabilities and focuses on natural-sounding text-to-speech.
  • Mycroft Mimic 3 is a free and privacy-focused open-source TTS engine that works offline.

Coqui TTS

Coqui TTS is a simple yet powerful tool that helps you turn text into speech. It offers a free Python library that you can easily integrate into your projects. Coqui TTS supports 13 languages and allows you to add multiple characters to voiceover.

With its advanced timeline editor, you can adjust pitch, loudness, and emotions for each sentence, word, or character. Coqui TTS also offers voice cloning capabilities and supports various TTS models such as Tortoise, Bark, Tacotron, Fastspeech, and more.

Main Features of Coqui TTS:

  • Free Python library for easy integration
  • Support for 13 languages
  • Advanced timeline editor to adjust pitch, loudness, and emotions
  • Voice cloning capabilities
  • Support for various TTS models

Coqui TTS is an excellent option for those looking for the best open-source TTS solution. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, it provides a versatile and customizable text-to-speech experience.

Bark by

If you’re looking for a versatile voice generator tool with a wide range of features, Bark by is an excellent choice. It not only allows you to create voices but also enables you to compose music. With over 100 voice presets available, you can easily find the perfect voice for your project. What’s more, Bark allows users to create their own voice presets, giving you complete control over your voice generation process.

Bark supports multiple languages, making it suitable for projects with diverse language requirements. It can handle texts in different languages, even if they are mixed together. This flexibility ensures that you can achieve a seamless voice synthesis experience in various applications. Bark is not limited to regular speaking voices; it can also create singing voices, adding a unique touch to your audio projects.

Bark by is a powerful and versatile voice generator tool that supports multiple languages and offers over 100 voice presets to choose from.

Although Bark does not currently have a web app, it can be easily accessed through platforms like Colab or Discord. This accessibility ensures that you can utilize Bark’s features and capabilities seamlessly, no matter your preferred environment.

As you consider alternatives to ElevenLabs, Bark by offers a robust and user-friendly solution for voice synthesis. Its extensive functionality and expansive language support make it a top choice for creators and developers alike.

Bark by

Bark by Features:

  • Over 100 voice presets
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Ability to handle mixed language texts
  • Voice cloning capabilities
  • Singing voice synthesis
  • Easy accessibility via Colab or Discord
Feature Bark by Competitor A Competitor B
Number of Voice Presets 100+ 50 75
Language Support Multiple languages English only Multiple languages
Advanced Editing Tools No Yes Yes
Voice Cloning Yes No No
Singing Voice Synthesis Yes No No
Accessibility Colab, Discord Web app Web app Playground

Looking for the best free text-to-speech software? Say hello to Playground, an innovative platform offering open-source text-to-speech solutions. With a vast library of over 900 AI voices available in 142 languages and accents, Playground is a one-stop destination for all your TTS needs. Playground

With Playground, you have access to a wide variety of voices that can be filtered based on language, tempo, gender, and use case. Whether you’re working on a podcast, educational content, or any other project, you’ll find the perfect voice to bring your text to life.

One of the standout features of Playground is its voice cloning capability. With just 30 seconds of audio, you can clone your voice and create a custom, high fidelity voice for your TTS applications. It’s a game-changer for content creators looking for a unique and personalized touch. Playground goes beyond just TTS. It offers SEO-optimized audio articles, allowing you to reach a wider audience with audio versions of your written content. Additionally, the platform provides a custom pronunciation library, ensuring that specific words and phrases are pronounced accurately. Playground also makes podcast distribution a breeze. You can directly distribute your audio content to popular podcast platforms, expanding your reach and engaging with your listeners in a new way. Playground Features:

  • Library of over 900 AI voices in 142 languages and accents
  • Voice filtering based on language, tempo, gender, and use case
  • Voice cloning with just 30 seconds of audio
  • SEO-optimized audio articles for wider audience reach
  • Custom pronunciation library for accurate word pronunciations
  • Direct podcast distribution to popular platforms

Experience the power of Playground and elevate your text-to-speech projects to new heights. It’s the best free text-to-speech software and open-source solution available today. Playground Coqui TTS Bark by
Library of over 900 AI voices Supports 13 languages Offers over 100 voice presets
Voice filtering options Voiceover customization Supports multiple languages with mixed texts
Voice cloning capability Voice cloning capabilities Create singing voices
SEO-optimized audio articles Advanced timeline editor N/A
Custom pronunciation library N/A N/A
Direct podcast distribution N/A N/A

Tortoise TTS

Tortoise TTS is an impressive open-source text-to-speech engine that aims to create natural-sounding speech. With its high fidelity voice cloning capabilities, Tortoise TTS allows you to generate voices that closely resemble the original audio sample. This exceptional feature enables you to customize and create voices that deliver a truly authentic experience.

Tortoise TTS is renowned for its exceptional voice quality. The voices produced by this engine are crystal clear and exhibit superior clarity. Their commitment to producing top-notch voices sets Tortoise TTS apart from other alternatives.

While Tortoise TTS currently supports only English voices and does not provide sound effects, its focus on delivering outstanding voice quality makes it a valuable alternative to ElevenLabs. If you prioritize lifelike text-to-speech output and are seeking a robust open-source solution, Tortoise TTS is definitely worth considering.

Mycroft Mimic 3

Looking for a free text-to-speech software as an alternative to ElevenLabs? Mycroft Mimic 3 is an open-source neural Text to Speech (TTS) engine that provides high-quality voice output. With its offline functionality, you can create lifelike voiceovers without relying on an internet connection. Plus, Mycroft Mimic 3 prioritizes your privacy, ensuring a secure and seamless user experience.

Although the voices offered by Mycroft Mimic 3 may not be as expressive as some other alternatives, it remains an excellent choice for those seeking a free and open-source TTS solution. Whether you’re a content creator, developer, or simply looking to explore TTS technologies, Mycroft Mimic 3 allows you to unleash your creativity and customize your audio experiences.

Create professional-grade voiceovers effortlessly by leveraging the power of Mycroft Mimic 3’s advanced TTS engine. Enjoy full control over your voice synthesis, adding a human touch to your projects with ease. Discover the possibilities and potential of Mycroft Mimic 3 as a substitute for ElevenLabs.

Unleash the power of your creativity with Mycroft Mimic 3’s free text-to-speech software. Experience the best open-source TTS solution available and elevate your projects to new heights.


When it comes to speech-to-text (STT) and text-to-speech (TTS) tasks, silero-models is a top-notch solution. As an open-source platform, they provide pre-trained models that offer exceptional quality and performance. In fact, their STT services are on par with, and sometimes even surpass, the offerings from industry giants like Google. This makes silero-models a reliable choice for both developers and businesses seeking accurate and efficient STT solutions.

One of the standout features of silero-models is their ready-to-use TTS models, which can be integrated into projects with just one line of code. These models support both 16kHz and 8kHz audio, ensuring compatibility across a range of applications. With silero-models, you can create lifelike and natural-sounding voices that captivate your audience.

silero-models is known for its focus on efficiency and speed. The platform delivers fast performance, allowing you to generate high-quality TTS outputs in a short amount of time. Whether you’re developing text-to-speech applications, voice assistants, or any other related project, silero-models can provide the open-source TTS platform you need to bring your ideas to life.

Advantages of silero-models:

  • High-quality pre-trained STT and TTS models
  • Support for both 16kHz and 8kHz audio
  • Fast and efficient performance
  • Easy integration with one line of code

If you’re looking for a reliable and feature-rich open-source TTS platform, silero-models is definitely worth exploring. It combines exceptional quality, ease of use, and efficient performance, making it an excellent choice for your speech synthesis needs.

Pros Cons
High-quality pre-trained models Limited language support compared to commercial options
Easy integration with one line of code May require technical expertise for customization
Efficient and fast performance No built-in support for sound effects


In conclusion, if you’re looking for alternatives to ElevenLabs, there are several free options and open-source text-to-speech (TTS) solutions that offer high-quality voice synthesis. Coqui TTS, Bark by, Playground, Tortoise TTS, Mycroft Mimic 3, and silero-models are all excellent competitors to consider.

These alternatives come with a range of features and capabilities, making them suitable for various use cases. Whether you’re a content creator, a developer, or an educator, these free and open-source TTS tools can help bring your projects to life.

Explore these options and find the best one that fits your specific needs and requirements. With the right alternative, you can achieve the same high-quality voice generation without the hefty price tag. Say goodbye to expensive solutions and hello to the best elevenlabs competitors!


Are these alternatives really free?

Yes, all the mentioned alternatives offer free versions or open-source options that you can use without any cost.

Can I use these alternatives for commercial projects?

It depends on the specific terms and conditions of each alternative. While many of them offer free options, commercial usage may require a paid subscription or a different licensing agreement. Make sure to review the terms of use for each alternative before using them for commercial purposes.

What languages do these alternatives support?

The supported languages vary depending on the alternative. Some alternatives support multiple languages, while others may be limited to specific languages. You can check the documentation or features list of each alternative to determine the supported languages.

Can I use these alternatives without coding skills?

It depends on the alternative. Some alternatives provide user-friendly interfaces or web applications that allow you to generate speech without coding. Others may require coding skills or integration into your existing projects. Review the documentation and features of each alternative to determine the level of technical expertise required.

Can I customize the voices generated by these alternatives?

Yes, many of the alternatives offer customization options for voice characteristics such as pitch, loudness, and emotions. Some alternatives even allow you to clone your own voice or create unique voice presets. Explore the features provided by each alternative to understand the level of voice customization available.

Are these alternatives as good as ElevenLabs in terms of voice quality?

While ElevenLabs is known for its high-quality voice synthesis, these alternatives also offer impressive voice output. The voice quality may differ slightly between alternatives, but overall, they provide satisfactory results. To determine the best option for your specific needs, it’s recommended to try out different alternatives and compare the voice quality yourself.

Can I use these alternatives offline?

Some of the alternatives mentioned, such as Mycroft Mimic 3 and silero-models, offer offline capabilities. However, others may require an internet connection to function properly. Review the documentation and features of each alternative to determine if offline usage is supported.

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